Indianapolis Corporate Event Planners

Granted, the idea of planning a corporate event sounds a bit intimidating, especially if it becomes another "surprise!" responsibility in your job description. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned corporate event planner, the information we’re sharing on this page is probably nothing new.

At Snappening, one of our goals is to help make corporate event planning not as much of a stretch for the employee who has been suddenly given the task of planning, organizing and creating an event experience that impresses the employer and makes the company shine.

You may find that hiring an outside corporate event planner  is the safest way to go. If budget allows, the peace of mind may be worth it.  An experienced corporate event planner will:

1. Look at your budget and your event plans to help you determine the possibilities immediately, before you waste any time planning for something that may not be feasible.

2. Know exactly where to start searching for appropriate venues. In fact, a seasoned corporate event planner will not only have appropriate venues in mind, they will quickly find venues that you never even knew existed.  (You can also take a peek at Indianapolis venues yourself on our site by utilizing our venue finder search function.)

3. Have a team of professionals ready to assist with virtually everything necessary for a successful corporate event. From decorators to caterers and even entertainment, your corporate event planner will know exactly where to find the right assistance for your event and their established relationships should help you with your overall event budget.

4. Respect your timeline. A corporate event planner is used to working with deadlines. You can rest assured knowing that with the right professional planner on board, everything will fall into place, on time and on budget.

DIY Corporate Event Planning
If you’re here as part of a frantic discovery process because you have the responsibility of planning an event for work without the help of professional corporate event planning services, you’ve stumbled upon one of the quickest and easiest online tools for finding corporate event venues  – a great place to start. And speaking of getting started, here are a few tips from Snappening to help you successfully plan that corporate event:

1. The importance of corporate event organization rises to the top of the list. What is your event about? What is it that you hope the event accomplishes – entertains, impresses, educates or all of the above? Who will be on the invitation list? If the date isn’t pre-determined, get started by setting one based on your audience and the potential conflicts they present. For example, if your audience is predominantly professional males, scheduling an event the same night as the local major sports team’s playoff game isn’t a great idea. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to give your guests at least eight weeks’ notice about your pending corporate event, with 2 – 3 follow-up touch points in either personal or electronic formats.

2. Selecting the appropriate corporate event location  is an important decision. You may choose a venue that reinforces a theme or one that is centrally located for convenience. One thing is certain, there are many options, and securing the appropriate venue for your date is an extremely important first step. Snappening offers a comprehensive list of venues  available in Indianapolis. With filtered search features and reviews, Snappening makes finding the perfect venue quick and easy.

3. Corporate event planning ideas are available online. Use the Internet to help you with your research. Your event may be a seminar, it may be a customer appreciation evening or perhaps an approach to attract new business. The Internet is one of your best tools for gathering relevant ideas if you must plan your event on your own without the help of a professional.

4. Now that you’ve started by creating a theme, and selecting a venue, don’t forget about the invitations. Give your guests at least eight weeks to prepare. Then based on the response, be ready to give a head count to your caterer and be sure to order enough name badges!

Hopefully, these basic tips are enough to get you on track to planning a successful corporate event. Snappening makes it easy to get started by searching for the perfect venue. And if you decide that your corporate event budget allows for some consultation, you’ll also find that some of Indianapolis' premier professional planners  are available to assist.  The best part is, you’ll find it all in one place – on Snappening, Event Planning in a Snap! Get started today!
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