Using Snappening to plan your Indianapolis Wedding Receptions

Whether you have been planning your wedding since you were little or have just begun the process, planning your wedding reception is an exciting part. Once you have decided the wedding reception venue and finalized the guest list, Snappening has a few tips to help you host a reception that will tie experience together when you tie the knot.

Set the mood with things like pictures, flowers, candles, and ribbon. Guests will most likely move through different rooms, and having uniform décor will help to tie the entire wedding reception venue together.

Many people choose to have their wedding reception catered. The time of day you have your wedding will help determine what type of food to serve. If hosting in the afternoon, consider small appetizers and finger foods. At night, you may want to serve a full meal.

Cocktail Hour & Hors d'oeuvres-

It is important to provide an offering for guests while the bridal party has pictures taken. From a full bar to coffee and juice, there are endless options to serve. You may also want to have food items.

The party-
After all the guests have arrived and the pictures have been shot, it will be time for the wedding reception to fully begin. There are many aspects you may want to include, and there are a number of Indianapolis wedding planners who can help make sure you don't forget any of the important details such as:
  • The Entrance of the Wedding Party
  • Toasts
  • Toasts
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Bouquet toss by Bride
  • Garter toss by Groom
  • Dancing
The wedding reception will be the most enjoyable party of the event for many of your guests, which is why Snapping wants to help you as you put extra effort into planning this aspect of your special day. We have the most extensive list of wedding reception locations and professional event planners to help you plan your wedding reception.
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