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Poseidon Experience
9402 Uptown Drive #800
Indianapolis, IN 46256
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venue type: Sports Facility
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max venue capacity: 60
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Venue Description

We invite you to come and explore a unique experience in firearms training and application. Not only do we offer “Real World” instruction from a retired Navy SEAL, but we utilize a state of the art indoor training simulator, which before now was only accessible by law enforcement and select military units. Through the simulator we can enable our customers the ability to achieve a level of training and exposure not previously capable to the “median” gun owner through a traditional gun range. We can now elevate your skills to the same level that heretofore required one to travel to remote facilities and spend several thousands of dollars. The simulator will allow your instructors to guide you, while using real weapons, through basic training and advanced scenarios to build skill levels that enable true “Competence” and a resulting “Legitimate Confidence” to protect your home and loved ones. It is important to stress the competent use of firearms that result in a “positive” outcomes and or entertainment experiences.
It is our goal at Poseidon Academy to promote a safe, effective, and ethical usage of firearms by stressing competence!

We are offering the opportunity to tailor short-term events during the day Monday through Friday, and on weekends. We have plenty of space to host your events and offer a unique opportunity to explore and use our facility. This can include church groups, kids clubs, men’s and women’s groups, bachelor parties, or whatever it is that causes you to come together.

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