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The Sanctuary on Penn
701 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis, IN 46204
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venue type: Church / Cathedral
venue style: Historic
catering: Onsite Catering (Restricted Vendor Selection)
max venue capacity: 400
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Venue Description

Indy's first and only all-inclusive event venue!

Located a block south of the central library and built in 1875, The Sanctuary on Penn is a beautiful church building in the heart of Indianapolis. Be it for a magnificent wedding, concert, meeting, party, or exhibition of any kind, we are ready to serve you. Inviting and friendly, we enjoy customizing each event to create something unique to you.
The Sanctuary on Penn has everything you need for both your ceremony AND reception.  A traditional and ornate exterior with an ancient Roman ruin design on the inside, our space is truly unique.

Our venue was born out of a wish to give a bride and groom everything they desire.  At The Sanctuary on Penn, we realize that your wedding is the most important day of your life.  We've been in the wedding business for a long time, and it's far too often that we hear a venue or a church say "no" when the answer should be "YES!".  It's your day, not ours.  It's your tastes, your wishes, your family, and your beliefs - there's no reason why you should have to compromise on anything.
To help you with your special day The Sanctuary on Penn offers just about any service you can imagine. Our goal is to make your day go as smoothly as possible! From planning all the way through to the afterparty we will help make sure no detail is overlooked.
The Sanctuary on Penn offers a number of different spaces to host your
  • Wedding
  • Wedding receptions
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Reunions
  • Holiday parties
  • Workshops

The Sanctuary on Penn - The Main Hall

Home to many gatherings over the years, the Main Hall offers the experience of the classic church sanctuary. From the beautiful stained glass windows to the striking Roman ruin design, this space is sure to leave a lasting impression with your guests. Visit the Snappening Spaces tab to find out more.
The Sanctuary on Penn - The Cocktail Plaza
Featuring a full bar, The Cocktail Plaza is the perfect spot to retreat to and celebrate following your wedding. Whether hosting a banquet, receptions, or something else The Cocktail Plaza can keep the party going well into the night. Learn more about how this space can fit your event at the Snappening Spaces tab.
The Sanctuary on Penn - Mezzanine
Overlooking The Cocktail Plaza, the Mezzanine offers a small space perfect for your intimate events or to add to the events happening in the other spaces. Learn more about this space at the Snappening Spaces tab.

Venue Specifications

Outdoor Space Yes
Handicap Accessible Yes
Smoking Partial Areas
Liquor License Yes
Insurance Yes
Food & Beverage Minimum Yes
Tables & Chairs Provided
Tables & Chairs No Rental Fee
Linens Provided
Linens No Rental Fee
Silverware Provided
Silverware No Rental Fee
Glassware Provided
Glassware No Rental Fee
Kosher Available Yes
Parking Options Free Parking, Onsite Parking
Distance From Airport 14
Support Personnel
Onsite Planning Consultant Yes
Venue Support Staff Yes
Venue Cleaning Staff Yes
Venue Security Staff Yes
Attendee Age
Attendee Age All Ages

Venue Amenities

Facility Information
Onsite Catering
Pets Welcome
Security Staff Onsite
Wheelchair Accessibility
Room Features and Guest Services
Urban Views
Business Services
Audio/Video Capabilites
VIP Services
Recreational Activities
Pool Tables
Venue Accessible By
Equipment Available
Dance Floors

Client Reviews

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Average user rating:
  Thursday, December 05 2013 12:17 PM

Horrible Experience

Event Type: Wedding Reception
"We got married at the Sanctuary on Penn 8/11/2012. It was an absolutely AWFUL experience. The all-inclusive wedding planning is a complete joke. We had little to no contact with any one even after numerous phone calls, emails and physically going to the venue. We ended up using outside vendors for everything but the food. Thank god that the temperature was some how in the 70's in August because the venue was still WAY to hot. They brought in industrial fans (real classy) to cool the venue and the guests sitting by the tables all left before the completion of dinner because of the noise. Starting from the beginning: the all inclusives were a joke and the vendors were terrible and idiotic. Appointments made for planning things would be useless because the "wedding planner" would schedule the planning during other events so they were unavailable. Our wedding rehearsal time got changed multiple times due to other events being planned at the same time. The actual wedding day: The "limo" showed up at our hotel to pick as up over an hour late… he couldn't find the Marriott downtown? Then he took an hour to get back to the venue (which is a five minute drive) rendering multiple members of my wedding party car-sick. Granted streets were closed due to a parade, the driver did not know the streets of Indianapolis nor would he listen to those of us who knew where we were going. We ended up making him stop and walking the equivalent distance of our hotel to the venue except from the east side with dresses and all of our belongings. Also, the limo was a piece of junk…. no A/C, everything was broken, torn leather, we couldn't even put our belongings in the trunk because it was filled with junk. Upon arrival to the venue it was filthy. The venue clearly was not cleaned from the event the night before. The owner, Scott, was called in two replace the horrendous limo driver and we immediately made him aware of the old plates, smashed food in the floors, and trashed bathrooms. Upstairs, the venue was placing our wedding decor over chair covers that were torn, had spilled food and drinks on them, and some even had foot prints! My wedding party immediately stopped them and started pulling chairs that were not worthy of the price I paid… and the staff looked annoyed. The venue never was cleaned. My wedding party 20 minutes before my wedding collected the garbage trash and used dishes. The upstairs balcony was closed for my wedding due to how filthy it was and no one from the venue seemed to care. The wedding music played during our wedding was wrong, which really upset my husband but we just took it in stride. During the reception: The cocktail hour went well according to our guests except there was not enough appetizers… we were told there would be extras. We only had 100 guests show up and 140 RSVP'ed so thank god 40 people didn't come. Dinner service was terrible. The vegetarian meals (we had 10) were not given to the correct people, they were served to one table. The children's meals also were given to teenagers not the 3 year olds! Several people requested dressing, salt, pepper, water, or new silverware and the wait-staff never retrieved their items. Although, the food was amazing the service did not do it justice. Also, we arranged with the venue and chef to have extra food cooked for a luncheon the next day. We were told to bring containers for the food and that it would be stored in the refrigerator for us to retrieve the next morning. No food was stored for us and several of our guests stated they saw the wait staff taking home our PAID for food in OUR containers. The venue did not reimburse us. The bar: We paid for a premium bar which was not served. The bartenders did not know how to make any drinks nor shots. Our requested drinks were not cold so they were not served. We paid extra in advance to have our bar open till 12 pm. They closed the bar at 10 pm and requested more money to keep it open. Unknowingly (they did not find my parents, my husband or myself) they requested money from my father-in-law to keep it open. The next day: When we came to get our belongings they were shoved in a corner with several items missing or "claimed to be the venues" (things that were brought on loan from our florist and rental company) it was a fight to get our belongings. When we asked for our pre-paid extra food they said there was none leftover even though we had previously arranged it with the chef whom called to verify it. We arranged a refund with the venue after weeks of phone calls, emails and going in person. They would not return our calls. After the arranged agreement they only event us 1/3 of the agreed refund and have not returned our attempts to contact them since. DO NOT HAVE ANY EVENTS HERE. This is only a mere glimpse of the many terrible things that happened and I know several people whom had equally bad or worse!!"
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