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Woodhaven Country Club
7200 Woodhaven Rd
Louisville, KY 40291
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venue type: Country Club
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max venue capacity: 500
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Venue Description

Woodhaven was the inspired product of Raymond and Florence Bischoff, both of whom were born in Kentucky into large poor families in the early 1900’s.  After years of success in farming, followed by success in real estate and inspired by their love for outdoor family-time, the Bischoffs decided to venture into the recreation business.  In 1952, Raymond and Florence, in collaboration with a few close friends, developed Wildwood Country Club in Fern Creek on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. The Bischoffs successfully managed Wildwood Country Club until 1957, at which time they sold the club and land to the club members.

Raymond Bischoff had a new vision, a new concept that Louisville had not yet seen.  He envisioned a country club that would be affordable for everyone and not just the elite.  The focus of the new country club would be on a fun (and most importantly), family- friendly environment. The Bischoffs turned their dream into a reality established Woodhaven Country Club in late 1957.

Guess what... their concept worked! 

For over 50 years Woodhaven Country Club has been attracting good, fun and friendly people.  Over the years thousands have bought in to the Bischoffs' dream, from people that work extremely hard and can barely afford a membership but want to spend quality time with their family, to millionaires (that one would never know were millionaires) that love relaxing somewhere that isn’t so.....pretentious.

Our people have always been, and always will be the best thing about Woodhaven Country Club.  We don’t believe in forced spending as other clubs do.  We don’t believe in annually assessing our members because it just doesn’t make good sense to us.  We simply believe in good times with good friends and family! That’s why Woodhaven Country Club is still, over 50 years later, The Friendliest Club In Town! 

Raymond and Florence have since passed, but their vision and dream live on in their grandson and third generation operator Chance Maguire, son of previous operators Stanley and Shirley Maguire.

If you haven’t yet, we would love to have you come visit “The Friendliest Club in Town”, where we’ve been on vacation since 1957.

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